Ommm Yoga Center

Ommm Yoga is a revolutionizing supreme Yoga technique given directly by
The Supreme Divine Energy to Shri Rudraji.

It is the bridge to unconditional surrender to The Divine for maximizing spiritual energy, health wellness and total life satisfaction. It is where you stop looking for which yoga works for you and permanently embrace a Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality tools into your life to enjoy DIVINENESS.

Weight-loss, spiritual wisdom, blissfulness, morality, holistic wellness, infinite, Energy, Endurance, Stamina, and Flexibility are a few outcomes out of many!

Ommm Yoga consists of many states like Life Principles, Yogic Wisdom, Flexibility, Stretching, Meditation, Body movements, Samadhi, Dharma and Wordly contribution. After achieving a Blissful state one can levitate their blissfulness towards upliftment and liberation of own soul, family, friends and others. It provides a willful, joyful and blissful living.

To summarize, it’s a Divine manifested Yogic System destined to create Yogis & Yoginis, exploding Spirituality at the nuclear level in their body!

Center For Peace, Unity & Yoga – Ommm Yoga Center

Ommm Yoga Center is an outreach by Royal Shri Rudraji. With this unique approach to Yoga, Meditation, Kriya, Flexibility and many other aspects of Spirituality, Royal Shri Rudraji is sharing the divine wisdom with earthly beings as fast as received.

Yoga never was intended to have many flavors/types. Through many generations the originality of Yoga has been lost due to these manipulations in the sense that the true merger with Divine Consciousness and realization with the Divine is not that apparent. People have to work extra hard to achieve purity and enjoy the true benefits of Yoga. Hence, The Divine instructed him to create the purest Yoga system as it was intended From The Divine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to distribute peace, teach unity and uplift souls with the power of Ommm Yoga creating Yogis and Yoginis.


Part of our earnings will be gifted to a local charity trust.

Our Team

Our team is proud to uplift lives with ancient Yogic practices