Royal Shri Rudraji

He is a direct messenger of the Supreme Divine Energy who has gained wisdom and higher truth directly from the Ultimate Divine Source (The Divine).

He is renounced at the Soul level, divinized at the Mind level & merged with The Divine at the Body level. He believes in providing assistance to each and every soul irrespective of caste, religion, social status, gender or other societal bifurcations.

Shri Rudraji is an Unconditional Representative of The Divine.

Shri Rudraji ShivShaktiji ( aka Sevak OM) is a Planetary Effects Remover™, a Primordial Galactic Healer™, a Limitless Spiritual Awakener™, a Maximum Spiritual Momentum Giver™, a Spiritual Energy Enhancer™, a Tune Yourself Creator™, a Fast Life Ways Improver™, The Divine Cyclone™, The Karmic Eraser™, The Life Maker™, The Prosperity Maker™, The Wellness Maker™, The Friendship Maker™, a Divine Life Invoker™, a PSI Initiator™, a Destiny Recreator™ and an Ommm Yogi™.

He is here to spread the word of Oneness of God, to inspire Oneness among the people of earth, to eradicate differences causing mass inequality, sufferings, and poverty. His objective is for the Humanity to embrace the Dawn Of The Bliss Age™, in which every Human soul has an potential to fulfill life purpose and achieve life satisfaction and be empowered with blissfulness.

He is also known as —
Shri Shivshaktiji™, Shri Sevak Om™ & Shri Trikaleshwarji™.

He underwent tremendous Spiritual journey to be awakened by The Supreme Divine Energy and to be made ready to serve the World according to the wishes of The Divine.